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Robocop 1.0.3

Robocop 1.0.3 Free Download

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Murphy is alive again on your portable device


In the age of remakes, one of the titles that couldn’t miss the party was Robocop, a total hit in the late 80’s, which finally makes its appearance once again. This free sci-fi action game, developed by Glu for download on mobile devices, takes us back to Alex Murphy as the part-robot, part-man officer created by OmniCorp as a way to fight against crime.

This Robocop version follows the same events as the released film with some differences from the original one to adapt it to the current time. Set in Detroit, 2028, after a dramatic incident by one of the crime bosses Antoine Vallon, the agent Murphy gets rebuilt with human and robotic parts, which turns him into a lethal weapon. This way Murphy gets once again into the fight against crime.

The game takes us back Alex Murphy as the part-robot and part-man officer created by OmniCorp as a way to fight against crime

As for the technical aspect of Robocop, the game presents correct graphics, with a good Robocop modelling, but not the same for human enemies. There are some fps drops depending on the device you are playing on, due to the lack of full optimization. If you have a recent device, you won’t find any kind of issue while playing this game.

Use your robotic skills for getting rid of criminals
Use your robotic skills for getting rid of criminals


Robocop features a classic action gameplay, taking cover with the environment's available elements like boxes and cars. For shooting against your foes, you need to slide your finger on the left side of your device for getting out from your cover and hold on to the right side for aiming and opening fire. These kind of controls resemble classic arcade titles such as Time Crisis, now being adapted for new devices.

You will have several abilities available during your fights that will allow you take the most of your robotic body. Focus mode will let you shoot three consecutive times after you have tapped on your enemies. This way you will open fire without having to take risks. The Scan mode will give you information about your enemies’ weak points, their location and also which elements can be destroyed.

Robocop features upgrade functions for your abilities and weapons, as well as new improvements for your suit. For these, you will have to have to spend points that you earn during your missions according to your performance. There are also additional skills that can be unlockable like attacks from drones from the conglomerate OmniCorp industries.

Fight against robots and all kinds of enemies
Fight against robots and all kinds of enemies

Robocop 1.0.3 Features

You can check out the main features of Robocop in this section:

  • New download of the adaptation for mobile devices of the film reboot for the classic 80’s series of Robocop
  • Different kinds of abilities for using against your foes such as the scan mode, focus mode and drones to attack
  • Upgrade all your weaponry and your battle suit to gain more resistance and power
  • Good gameplay that resembles classic action games on your smartphone or tablet
  • Correct graphic effects with more than one good surprise in the in-game effects

For more information about this mobile app before the download, be free to visit its

Earn and update new weapons
Earn and update new weapons

System Requirements

Get to know the necessary specs for the game of Robocop reboot:

  • Operating System: iOS 5.1 for iPhone or similar devices, Android 2.1 or later
  • Free Space: 95.6MB for iOS, 81MB for Android systems

free download


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